BTS: NUDE – Faces EP

We were really excited when Moose Records told us about their artist’s new upcoming EP! We were even more excited to provide NUDE a one of a kind teaser to help promote his music ahead of the upcoming Valentine’s Day launch. While we all wait in anticipation, this seemed like the perfect opportunity to give everyone the first Behind The Scenes on The Modern Reel Blog:

The Music

Being a teaser for the new Faces EP, the music was naturally the driving force. We began by listening to the tracks until we honed in on 30 seconds of music that really inspired a vision for the video. The track is titled Eyes,  and is a combination of clean, modern beats and beautifully gritty vocals.

The Vision

Since architecture is always inspiring us, we felt that the melding of modern buildings and natural elements could be a perfect representation of the feeling evoked by the music. We wanted to show the engineered lines right alongside the natural world. More than that, we wanted to see the two interacting in harmony. It was from there the concept grew to become something unique and exciting: we would project scenes from nature directly into the environments to create a seamless marriage of the two.

The Tech

We began by filming the natural elements: the foliage and the swirling “marble” you see throughout the video. The greenery was simple enough but the next element required some thought. We knew we wanted something solid like stone, but stone didn’t provide much movement or visual interest. Instead, we experimented with some typical household supplies and ultimately created the moving texture in an aluminum bowl full of water, flour, and dye.

Behind The Scenes: Filming the Marble Swirl
Behind The Scenes: Filming the Marble Swirl

Next we had the projections. It was really important that the videos had the same look we planned for during conception. Simply overlaying clean footage on the buildings in post would look unnatural and we couldn’t achieve the grittiness we hoped for. Luckily, the solution was rather simple: we fed the videos we shot previously through a projector onto a slightly textured surface and captured that image once more with the camera. After filming the buildings downtown, the two images were married in post to give us the look you see in the final video.

While you’re waiting for Faces to drop, check out some great music at and And of course, don’t miss the full EP teaser at

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